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For many years I dreamed of owning my own store, and perhaps my own brand. I am by no means a seamstress and after many failed attempt I did my research on other ways I could accomplish my goals. In the summer of 2018 I collaborated with a nearby seamstress who helped me not only design my own dress, but the color I wanted, and of course, with my own labels!

I chose the word Posh simply because of its unique definition; Unique, stylish, and glamorous. #ThePoshShowroom

WHY RED? Red was not just a color I chose off the rainbow, I did my research on the best color to represent my storefront, and Red was without a doubt what I wanted my brand to represent. There have been many studies done on the color red, and while I almost chose purple, blue, and pink, red was unstoppable. To keep it short, in a survey conducted by a set of couples:

  • Women were less likely to introduce their husbands/boyfriends/dates to a woman wearing red
  • Men were automatically attracted to a woman wearing red in public
  • Women feel hot/sexy/classic and unstoppable when wearing red

The list continues, but to be frank, it takes a strong confident, and unstoppable woman to wear a red dress, and that is exactly what I want to to give my Posh girls, the gift of an affordable sexy dress that will not only breaks necks but feel comfortable and glamorous. Please send me a message inquiring about sizes before purchasing, thank you. #stayposh





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Let’s Talk About…. SEX?!


Sex! Okay, I said it first! Now let’s talk about it.


Ladies, why is it so hard to talk about sex? Plain and simple, it makes us uncomfortable. Now, this is the real question, does the subject itself make us uncomfortable, or are WE uncomfortable with ourselves? Take a moment and answer that quietly in your head.

Growing up in a strict Christian household, private school, and a church community, sex was hardly spoken about, and if it was it was only for educational purposes. Long story short, it was frowned upon before marriage, and not speaking about it made it entirely uncomfortable. As I disconnected from my roots into my adult years I began to notice how far behind on “street smarts” I was (more on that on a future post). I didn’t have anyone I could trust, nor a relative that was willing to normalize it enough to make it comfortable to speak about. Put it this way, I would cringe when my OBGYN would ask me that god awful question, “when was the last time you had intercourse” um, hello? NUNYA!

(nunya business)

Sex is a vulnerable moment for women. Our expressions, body language, and heartbeats fuse together into a sexy melody that is being exposed entirely. 

Sex is difficult to talk about because for some of us it brings up embarrassing thoughts, vulnerable moments, secret fetishes, or simply because we are not comfortable with or body images. Aside from porn, those few second sex scenes that we see in the movies set the bar for what we think is “expected in the bedroom”. As our lives pick up in speed, our priorities fluctuate, and our bodies change. Sex begins to move down the ladder of importance and eventually is hardly mentioned. From our first time well into our long-term relationships we begin to build insecurities.

“Am I doing this right?”

“Okay, I’m supposed to wear red lingerie on Valentines Day, and white on my wedding night, right?”

“No I dont want to do that position, let’s do this one (secretly thinking, I look fat sideways)”

“Okay but lets only do a quicky, hurry up and go (secretly thinking, I don’t want him to see my fat body)”.

Ladies, you are NOT ALONE. Chances are most of us are on the same page. You want to know what the real problem is? We aren’t talking about it enough!

“Many of my clients tell me that they think that they are the only ones who find it difficult – they believe most of their friends are having great sex lives.”

Matty Silver, Ph.D

Sex And The City

If you don’t have the right sex vocabulary, you will lose yourself and eventually, it will reflect in your relationship. Communication is the key, how many times have you heard that? Well, here it is again.

Okay, wait, I am not saying to start a conversation in the middle of sex, that’s kinda dumb.

“In our research, we followed couples for a year, and those who talked constructively had more satisfying sex and generally happier relationships.”

Matty Silver, Ph.D

Therefore, talking about sex and educating yourself is the only way to not only get comfortable but also get better! I know, it sounds so cliche, But I have found that a lot of us often need to hear the obvious in order to get the obvious accomplished. It took me many years to break my insecurities down, and talk with my husband about how I felt, but since we became comfortable, our sex life also reached its peak. Its worth it, I promise.

sex dust
Moon Juice

Would you like to break the ice? Check out Moon Juice for this delicious powder that can be added to your coffee (i prefer it in my coffee), milk, water, or tea.  This is an adaptogenic that will help maintain your energy levels even through the end of the night.

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Mrs Yvette Priscilla

Please seek help if you are being sexually abused, or your life may be endangered. Remember, no human is allowed to tell you how to run your life, or allowed to do what they please with your body without your consent.



Pineapple Rain

Juicing can be alarming. You never know exactly what it will taste like. I get it. I’ve been juicing for over a decade, and I still run into drinks that challenge my taste pallet, oh! and my wallet.

I’m thrilled to share with you another 2 ingredient juice that is refreshing, and sweet. So much positivity whilst fighting heart disease (insert dancing emoji here)

Diet Plan: 
For best result enjoy as a meal replacer for 7 days interchangeably with “Sour Punch” and “The  Bonus” juices found here on my website! Begin on a  weekend. Store your juices up to 2 days in mason jars and a well-chilled refrigerator. Drink immediately for best results. Tag me!

Let’s Get Started!

The Ingredients


Ingredients: Makes 2 Servings approx.

400 ml 241 calories

  • Half a Pineapple
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Juicer
  • Strainer
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • water for soaking

Serving sizes and calorie count may vary due to random sizes of fruit



Soaking Method


Please view my “Beet It” recipe for a simple rinsing method if you do not wish to soak your juicing ingredients.

Healthy juicing starts with proper cleaning. Submerge your cucumber in cold water. It is important to use cold water to prevent the breakdown of vitamins. Add a splash of white vinegar (Click Here to get an idea of what it looks like and price). Leave it in water for approximately 10-20 minutes.

Please note that this method will not eliminate all pesticides


Leave the peels intact! Cucumber peels are high in vitamin K!

Finally, feed the ingredients through your juicer!




Pineapple has a tropical vibrant taste of sweet and tart. The flesh is rich in vitamin K and enzymes called bromelain that aid in digestion. These enzymes break down protein molecules which makes it easier for the small intestine to absorb. Have a cold? eat chunks of fresh pineapple. It will reduce mucus in the throat and nose.

Cucumber taste like rainwater! Did you know its considered a fruit? Is it an extraordinary source of fiber, and 96% water, which helps with bowel movements, and hydration.


PIneapple Rain


Drink this as a meal replacer, or add it to your healthy morning breakfast routine!

For best results, follow a clean/light meal plan. Scroll below for “The Bonus”!








The bonus juice! Lets save some money, shall we? Combine ingredients from “Pineapple Rain” & “Sour Punch” juice recipe.

Ingredients: Makes approx.

500ml 277 calories

Serving size may vary, depending on the size of fruit.

  • 1 Grapefruit
  • 1/2 a Pineapple
  • 1 cup of water
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Juicer

grape:pineOnce you have removed skin, juice!

Natures Candy!



Oh! So Ni$e!

I call this juice the bonus! because you are combining 2 recipes, and making another.

Diet Plan

Juicing Beginner? Or maybe you just want to try a cleanse? Over the course of 3 days, drink this, pineapple rain, and sour punch as meal replacers for best results.

Please tag me! write me a note, or send me a message letting me know how good it feels to succeed at your goals while you follow my plans! I look forward to hearing from you, and your success story. I know you will succeed.

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Sour Punch

Yo! Listen, I totally get it. Juicing can be intimidating AND expensive, which often leads to discouragement. As we live in a fast pace world that requires a lot of our energy and time, juicing is not necessarily ideal for everyone’s schedule. Most recipes involve 5 different ingredients, and most of the time (let’s be honest) it goes to waste. Been there, done that!

Psssssssst!! I am about to share with you a 2-ingredient simple recipe that saves time, money, and helped me lose (I kid you not) 6 pounds in a week! Results vary, duh!

Diet plan:

For 7 days, I simply replaced my breakfast with “Sour Punch””Pineapple Rain”&”The Bonus ” Juices, all found here under the juicing category.  For best results, start on a weekend. Store your drinks up to 2 days, preferably in mason jars in a well-chilled refrigerator. Tag Me! 

Let’s Get Started!

Sour Punch

Ingredients: Makes 1 Serving approx.

400 ml 124 calories

  • 2 Grape Fruits
  • 1 Lime
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Juicer (electric or manual) If desired.
Serving sizes and calorie count may vary due to random sizes of fruit

 This recipe is the ultimate time saver because you do NOT need a juicer. In 2 minutes with just your hands squeeze both ingredients into a glass, and drink immediately.

If you plan to run these through a juicer for a thorough juice extraction, REMOVE THE PEELS if desired to avoid an unpleasant bitter taste


Sour Punch
Citrus, Citrus, And More Citrus!


Grapefruit has a unique bitter-tart taste. If your immune system needs a push, this is it! Grapefruit contains Vitamin B, zinc, copper, and iron which is the perfect cocktail for a properly functioning immune system. Along with the abundance of fiber, this power fruit aids in constipation, suppresses appetite and promotes fullness.

Lime is sour and acidic! It helps boost metabolism, helps burn calories, and aids in less stored fat.


Sour Punch



That is it! Don’t forget everything in moderation.

For best results, enjoy as a meal replacer, and follow a clean/light meal plan. Don’t forget to look up, “Pineapple Rain” and “The Bonus”. Drink these 3 amazing juices together, and please don’t forget to tag me, or simply write me a note, and tell me all about your success. I know you will see results. I am so excited to hear from you!

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Mrs. Yvette Priscilla