Stop the Emotional Onion Tears!

Ciao amico come stai?
If you wish to get right to the point, scroll down ! Otherwise, hang tight for some cool onion facts!

Okay, why the heck do we get so emotional when cutting an
onion? Quickly, yet precise! allow me to explain the process 🙂

Remember our old friends from shrek, and the whole “layers and onions?”

Okay, well! onions have this protective shield, which are those flaky dry layers! maybe over the course of time evolution has built these layers to protect this smart little vegetable from predators! maybe right 🙂 (yes! that is the case!)

When we remove these layers the onion fights back! it releases a gas! This is the interesting part! When this gas is released, it mixes with the moisture in the air, which is why you smell the faint pungency. This faint smell is the onions “warning shots” telling predators to “stay away or else”

Okay, so think of a liter of coke! You open it up, and you hear it hisssssss….. but suddenly the bubbles begin to boil and boom! cola everywhere!
When you cut into the onion the gases that are within the onion are rattled up are released quickly! they bond with the moisture in the air, which makes its way to bond with the water in your eyes!!!!!!!!!!
So, the reason why you’re here!




I LOVE onions with everything! I actually learned this trick from my mom (thanks mom) and it has made my adult life so much better….

First, pick your onion, any onion! My favorite? The Que… I mean, the red onion 🙂

Next, is your supplies,

onion of your choice, a bowl, and of course, a knife & cutting board

Fill your bowl up-enough to submerge the onion completely-in lukewarm water


Next, cut the onion, quickly, leaving the dry-yet important- layers intact

This is the part you have been waiting for!! placing the onion of your choice to soak in water, for about 30 seconds (give or take). Remember I mentioned how these gases bond with the water in your eyes?!!?!? IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION!! well, this defense only lasts 30 seconds! By allowing the onion to soak in water for 30 seconds, it uses up all of its defenses… kinda like letting the liter of cola sit in the sink till it, well, chills

Remove the onion from the water, and enjoy your tear-free chopping

Sprinkle, or pack heavily on any dish! tear-free!

Until next time Amici!



Mrs. Yvette Priscilla

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