Pineapples are in my head (Guest Blog)

What iS uP epic gamErS it’s Franny here featuring on a guest blog! Holy pug in a pizza box it’s always exciting to have opportunities like this.

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A bit bout me: I’m a 13-year old edd head and hobbyist that loves to draw and write! As well as a weird obsession with pineapples, harpoons, and raccoons but that’s for another time. I post some writing on my blog, which often contains stories of my characters, AU, and even personal feelings. I’m trying to “make a living” over on Deviant Art as well lol. I have been donated 67 cents so far for my artwork, how crazy is that?! I’m also a big fan of music, more specifically pop/rock and swing music from the 1930s. Memes and overall comedy are a big impact on my life too, we all need that little stupid video to cheer us up right?

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Besides that, I aspire to become lots of different things, it’s always helpful to remember life can be surprising sometimes.

But the truth is, honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am, nor have the effort and dreams I have now, without the ones who have helped me the most. More specifically, my parents.

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My mom is a major balance in my life. I can’t really list everything she’s done for me, because it’s just too much! She has always been there for me through hard and easy, she has been through more then I’ll ever hope to experience, she always knows what the best route to take is in life. She gives me so much advice that sometimes it’s hard to remember it all. We make jokes, talk, and even when I’m holding down my hairless cat as my mom tries to clean his ears out is our bonding time. She’s one of the things I aspire to become, a leader, a caretaker, intelligent, and fun. If you ever have a hard time and need comfort just remember,

“Life doesn’t give you a manual, it gives you a mother.”

Now my dad, where can I start with this one. My dad has done so much for the family it’s unbelievable. He’s my hero, he always believes in me no matter what. No matter the mistakes I make he helps me, always telling me to push on. It’s always fun to talk, share memes,  and to just watch shows together, that’s our bonding time. He’s a great leader, hard worker, funny, and amazing person. Overall, he’s the best dad that I could ask for.

Life doesn’t come easy, it always throws challenges at you no matter what. What can really help is talking to the ones who know how to handle it, who know how to help and give you the best advice. Those people are parents, and again, without them, I wouldn’t be this far and have the dreams I have now.


This writing was a doozy, anyway, tis an honor to be a guest blogger! I’ll be back someday I think, goodbye for now. ❣


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