The Opening

The Opening!

Its here!! I’m here!! Your here! We’re all here!!!

Welcome to the Colorcast Impression, I am your host Yvette Priscilla!

I did not mention in the opening the difference between the blog podcast, and the itunes podcast. Lucky for you! Here is a special treat only because you chose to read this post.

Lets face it, people dont read anymore. Those of us that do deserve secret information.

Thank you for allowing me into your life! The upcoming episodes will be full of laughs, tears, and soooo much more.

Okay, what is the difference between the blog podcast recording and those posted on itunes? The content on this blog  will be anything that has to do with a blog post. For example, if i did a recording on relationships and I wanted to add facts, and professional references, it will go on the blog as well. Itunes podcast will be recordings that do not need all the jibba jabba, but just as important!

I have added the audio down below, as well as on itunes!


If you have a burning desire to share your story, or to collaborate fill out this form! I look forward to hearing from you!

buona giornata, amici!
Mrs Yvette Priscilla

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