My worst day as a mom in GIF’s

I became a mother at an extremely young age.

To that note, I was the only one amongst my friends who had a child. There was no room for comparison.

That is a lesson I carried with me since the day my oldest was born. NEVER compare my mothering TO ANYONE ELSE’s.

I’ve had way more good days than bad. The good is as countless as the stars in the sky

BUT! The hardest, toughest, most stressful of days have a way of haunting my purest dreams.

My worst day as a mom starts in the morning. If the kids wake up cranky and tired I already feel like I failed. I FEEL HORRIBLE!

Usually, tantrums following an alarm clock- cause us to run late, so, I have to cut corners. Here are my two options. 1) Compromise breakfast or 2) Compromise lunch. I always pick lunch, so they end up eating at school! What a failure

Rushed morning usually lead to a little road rage. Just a little because there are children in the car!

Then I’m rushing, our hugs are rushed. I should make time to squeeze them every morning. UGH! I hate the thought of this

On my worst days, I have class, tons of homework, errands to run, the kids homework, meals to cook, and my husband is gone over 12 hours for work.

Once I have unsuccessfully done half of my chores, I rush the girls to eat their dinner. Yelling at them over my own stress. I feel horrible. I forget to eat or stress it.


Mom guilt starts to set in and I question if school or any of my personal goals are even worth it. TOTAL.MENTAL.BREAKDOWN.

During school I can’t concentrate, my ambition is shot to hell, and all I can think about is my kids

On the drive home I have already convinced myself that I will quit school tomorrow

I don’t get home on time to see my kids before bed

And the cherry on top of the cake, the house is a mess, the laundry is piled up, the dishes have been neglected and I’m dead tired

My worst day as a mom is filled with unfinished EVERYTHING, stress, and an enormous amount of guilt, but! There are so many accomplishments present that are overlooked

The dishes mean the kids were fed

The laundry means they have the clothes they need

The house is mess because my kids made it home safely

And I’m tired because I did my best

Mission Accomplished

Buona Giornata, Amici!


Mrs Yvette Priscilla

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