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I hope that you find yourself healthy and happy wherever you are in the world!

What does therapy mean to you?

The first image that flashes through my head is the ole’ chase and an “oh so serious” license therapist hiding behind her big girl notepad. As a matter of fact, what the heck is behind that notepad!!?!?!! Looking up the definition, it says, “relieving, treatment, or healing a disorder”.


But none of that hoopla means anything unless we define it for ourselves. To me, therapy means so much more. To that note, I was certainly about to expand my appreciation for it as well.

A month ago a received a message in my “inbox” on my Instagram. It was from another blogger! In short, she mentioned that herself along with 4 other bloggers were driving into Las Vegas from different states! Of course, all social media influencers, and they were reaching out to the Las Vegas locals in an attempt to meet for dinner! If you’re thinking, “wow sounds fishy”, believe me, I thought the same. At first, I ignored it. But as it sat in my inbox I began to brainstorm, and thought, “what if I’m passing up an amazing opportunity?”

You see, around this time I was beginning to lose my confidence and desire to continue my social media aspirations. All the bullies and little support from loved ones started to affect me. I did some research, well, scratch that! I told my husband about it, and HE did HIS research (mr. police man and all). It seemed legit! So I RSVP’d.

I was excited, and full of high hopes. Sitting there as the night progressed it felt too easy. These women at the table came from different walks of life, all with their unique talents, but with the same goal in mind, to empower one another, to lift each other up, and make connections. Hearing them talk felt like they were, “IN MY HEAD”. They too, had been bullied by social media “trolls”. Each one of them had doubted themselves at one point in their lives, and yet here they were; united.

I am a strong believer in The Law Of Attraction. Whatever you put into this world, that is exactly what you will be a magnet for. If you put goodness into this world, it comes back. As I pursued my social media affairs I went all in. I gave my transparency, and honesty for all to see. When I began to lack motivation the universe sent these powerful women into my life to remind me that I am not alone.

Therapy to me is mental health. It is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are going to bring out the best out of you. Therapy is being able to connect mentally and physically with these beautiful souls, and become stronger together.

Collaborations are my therapy; my muse.

If you are in the local Las Vegas area, a blogger, youtuber, instagram influencer, or maybe you just have an amazing story to tell, please send me a message through the contact form, and tell me all about your ideas! Community over competition. Strong people empower stronger people.

In the words of Garth Brooks, “Just keep taking chances and having fun”

buona giornata, amici!
Mrs Yvette Priscilla



March 2, 2019 at 2:38 pm

I finally got a chance to read this!! Absolutely loved it❤️ Thank you for sharing girly!

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