20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

As I place both palms on my heart, inhale as my smile breaks through and release all tension and happiness with an exhale and slight head tilt, I want you to know that I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HERE!!!! This April, on my Instagram I plan to do a “ask YOU anything”. To break the ice, here are 20 facts that not everybody knows about, well me! When you hear my name I want you know sincere life facts about myself. My transparency, my genuine heart I give to you! Lets get started amici!

1. As a child WWE, WWF, The Lakers, and Super Mario Bros were life. My father had no boys, and embraced that fate with the best positive attitude I’ve seen in a long time, ” I cant have boys? No problem!”

2. My favorite childhood memory is Saturday nights without a doubt (fanning teary eyes like a boss).  After church, we would go home, and by we it was my mother, father, sister and myself. Like a ritual, 7eleven Slurpees, taco bell, followed by Xena the warrior princess and Hercules. 

3. I never cared for make up till I was 16, yet even at 16 it was simple mascara and lipstick. In my early 20’s I discovered foundation, and in my 30’s I adopted SOME eye shadow. 

4. In 5th grade a boy who “liked me” pants me during a basketball tournament. I had short shorts under, but that didn’t stop the student body from laughing at me. The most embarrassing moment of my life till this day.

5. Growing up I use to pick up every stray dog, and bring home every stray cat I could find. One day my mother got so fed up with my habits that she yelled, “one day when you have a house of your own, you can have as many animals as you want!” 3 cats, 3 dogs, 1 tarantula and blue rat later…….

6. My proudest moments as a kid was looking over at my dad brag about what an amazing athlete I was. The way his cheek would wrinkle, and how he would jump up and down. It is irreplaceable.

7.  The first time my mother ever showed me emotion was when I left for Marine Corps boot camp. She was always supportive throughout my life, and put her children first. However, she is quiet and conservative. The definition of “old school” cried as i was leaving. Followed by an ” I love you letter”. I still have that letter. 

8. My Favorite color is red. It is a strong and passionate color. 

9. As I previously worked in the medical field in my early 20’s, I can deal almost all of the human anatomy, except saliva. Boogers in the mouth and thick saliva make me gag every.single.time.

10. The best gift I ever received was a saxophone. I know it sounds simple, but as a kid, it was a symbol that my parents believed in me, regardless of how hard it was for them to get this to me. I still have that same saxophone.

11. Before my husband, I only had one other boyfriend my father approved of. In between that, he said NO to every potential bf I brought to his doorstep. He fell in love with my husband within seconds. (my father was very traditional. any man that thought he was “good enough” to date his daughter had to get his blessing)

12. I never liked the color pink, till my husband gave me my first 24 long stem pink and white roses. I still have them dried up in a jar

13. My favorite meal as a teenager was ANYTHING ITALIAN! As an adult, I love tofu, tomatoes and jalapenos simmered, and served with salt and pepper. That was actually my first vegan dish cooked for me by my mother. 

14. I was bullied as a child and a teen. I had bad acne and nappy hair. I think that is why I am overly obsessed with dying my hair.

15. You don’t see this side of me, but I am extremely hard on my girls. B’s arent accepted. Military is mandatory as a career choice, but everything comes with endlesss hugs and kisses. 

16. My go to drink at a bar is whiskey “bushmills”. The next suiter would be a “body” red wine. If you know what that means, we are meant to be best friends!

17. I love being a house wife. I dont feel like I am “giving myself” up as lots of women feel. However, I have chosen to pursue a nursing career to show the 3 amazing women I am raising that WE can do anything!

18. I have chipped 4 teeth with my new lip piercing in the last 2 years, that i still need to find time to get fixed (we have insurance. I’m just lazy)

19. I learned to cook watching my mother, father, and grandmother. My father use to say I was as good as cook as my mom, my husband says i make better food then his mother, and my own mom has complimented my dishes. I mean, i don’t mean to toot my own horn but, “tooooot toooooot!”

20. I know Muay Thai and plan to teach my oldest baby starting this summer. Best thing I could of ever done for myself!

What fact from the list above surprised you the most? 

Tell me what you thought in the comments below! Better yet, write me a message on instagram @mrsyvettepriscilla. I would love to hear your feedback, and if you have amazing facts about yourself! I can’t wait!! writing

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