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For many years I dreamed of owning my own store, and perhaps my own brand. I am by no means a seamstress and after many failed attempt I did my research on other ways I could accomplish my goals. In the summer of 2018 I collaborated with a nearby seamstress who helped me not only design my own dress, but the color I wanted, and of course, with my own labels!

I chose the word Posh simply because of its unique definition; Unique, stylish, and glamorous. #ThePoshShowroom

WHY RED? Red was not just a color I chose off the rainbow, I did my research on the best color to represent my storefront, and Red was without a doubt what I wanted my brand to represent. There have been many studies done on the color red, and while I almost chose purple, blue, and pink, red was unstoppable. To keep it short, in a survey conducted by a set of couples:

  • Women were less likely to introduce their husbands/boyfriends/dates to a woman wearing red
  • Men were automatically attracted to a woman wearing red in public
  • Women feel hot/sexy/classic and unstoppable when wearing red

The list continues, but to be frank, it takes a strong confident, and unstoppable woman to wear a red dress, and that is exactly what I want to to give my Posh girls, the gift of an affordable sexy dress that will not only breaks necks but feel comfortable and glamorous. Please send me a message inquiring about sizes before purchasing, thank you. #stayposh





Please send me a message or leave special instructions on sizes! thank you!


Yvette Priscilla