Sour Punch

Yo! Listen, I totally get it. Juicing can be intimidating AND expensive, which often leads to discouragement. As we live in a fast pace world that requires a lot of our energy and time, juicing is not necessarily ideal for everyone’s schedule. Most recipes involve 5 different ingredients, and most of the time (let’s be honest) it goes to waste. Been there, done that!

Psssssssst!! I am about to share with you a 2-ingredient simple recipe that saves time, money, and helped me lose (I kid you not) 6 pounds in a week! Results vary, duh!

Diet plan:

For 7 days, I simply replaced my breakfast with “Sour Punch””Pineapple Rain”&”The Bonus ” Juices, all found here under the juicing category.  For best results, start on a weekend. Store your drinks up to 2 days, preferably in mason jars in a well-chilled refrigerator. Tag Me! 

Let’s Get Started!

Sour Punch

Ingredients: Makes 1 Serving approx.

400 ml 124 calories

  • 2 Grape Fruits
  • 1 Lime
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Juicer (electric or manual) If desired.
Serving sizes and calorie count may vary due to random sizes of fruit

 This recipe is the ultimate time saver because you do NOT need a juicer. In 2 minutes with just your hands squeeze both ingredients into a glass, and drink immediately.

If you plan to run these through a juicer for a thorough juice extraction, REMOVE THE PEELS if desired to avoid an unpleasant bitter taste


Sour Punch
Citrus, Citrus, And More Citrus!


Grapefruit has a unique bitter-tart taste. If your immune system needs a push, this is it! Grapefruit contains Vitamin B, zinc, copper, and iron which is the perfect cocktail for a properly functioning immune system. Along with the abundance of fiber, this power fruit aids in constipation, suppresses appetite and promotes fullness.

Lime is sour and acidic! It helps boost metabolism, helps burn calories, and aids in less stored fat.


Sour Punch



That is it! Don’t forget everything in moderation.

For best results, enjoy as a meal replacer, and follow a clean/light meal plan. Don’t forget to look up, “Pineapple Rain” and “The Bonus”. Drink these 3 amazing juices together, and please don’t forget to tag me, or simply write me a note, and tell me all about your success. I know you will see results. I am so excited to hear from you!

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Mrs. Yvette Priscilla